About Michaele

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Michaele Weissman is a free-lance journalist and the author of three books. She writes about food, families, small business and American culture. Her work appears in many online and print publications including the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and salon.com.

In addition to writing, Weissman teaches writing and works with other writers helping them edit and prepare their manuscripts for publication. Her focus as a teacher and editor is on the process of writing: what are the next steps a writer needs to take to move his or her work forward.

Expert in psychotherapeutic theory and practice, she currently teaches writing at New Directions, a writing program for psychotherapists offered by the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis. Under the aegis of New Directions, Weissman organized an April 2014 conference called “Love and Hate in the Kitchen” that explores the many psychological and cultural meanings of gathering, preparing and serving food to friends, family and customers.

She is currently working on a book about rye bread called “The Rye Bread Marriage.”

Her most recent book “God In a Cup,” is a narrative tour of the specialty coffee business, published by Wiley.

She is the co-author with Carol Hymowitz of Bantam’s “A History of Women in America,” a narrative history of women that has sold over 250,000 copies. With Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, she co-wrote HarperCollin’s “Deadly Consequence,” an exploration of teenage violence.

An accomplished home cook, Michaele is the stepmother of two daughters and birth mother of one son, all of whom cook, two of whom own restaurants. She is married to John Melngailis, a professor of electrical engineering, who co-owns a small company that markets authentic Latvian rye . She lives, writes and cooks in
Chevy Chase, Maryland.